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Psyrena releases the second single from upcoming EP 'Fallen Angel’. Available on all major digital platforms from 19th April 2019. Follow @Psyrenagram for all the latest updates on new music and more.



Angels Never Sleep is the first single taken from Psyrena’s upcoming EP ‘Fallen Angel’ which is scheduled for worldwide release 03rd May 2019.

Listen to Angels Never Sleep:

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Electronic-Art-Pop artist Psyrena is a unique mix of electronica, classical and pop music, blessed with a voice that can soothe or cut like a knife. Madeleine Wise, the physical presence of Psyrena is both an artist and storyteller, experiencing joy and pain like no other which is reflected in her music, words and imagery.

Based in London, ‘Psyrena’ was born within the creative energy of classically trained German songstress, Madeleine Wise and German producer Yak Bondy. Both are highly creative writers, producers and musicians embracing the DIY approach. Major influences include Gregorian Chants and Debussy to Massive Attack and Trance.

Through the physical embodiment of Madeleine, ‘Psyrena’ is a multi-dimensional character created to allow freedom to express the raw beauty and the ugly truth of the world we live in today. Psyrena champions diversity. Her bi-lingual upbringing and love of culture which was embedded from being a young child has grown and matured through the medium of her music.

In 2016, Psyrena recorded the track ‘Dos and Don’ts’ for the Original Motion picture BLISS! The latest release saw a 7-track festive EP, celebrating traditional Christmas songs from all around the world, sung in seven different languages, reflecting Wise’s multicultural upbringing and Psyrena’s wish for all nations to be united in peace. The follow-up EP ‘Fallen Angel’ is scheduled for release in May 2019 and is the first instalment of a concept series spanning over 5 EPs.



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